Learning how to farm is easy, let's begin with the basics."

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Game Menu[2]EditEdit

Farming Tools[10]EditEdit

  • [11] Multi tool: It's for clicking items to see their descriptions, or entering the Mausoleum or Storage.
  • [12] Move tool: Click 'n drag the item that you want to move. Zombies and soil can't be moved.
  • [13] Rotate tool: Most of the items can be rotated.
  • [14] Plow tool: Click and drag where you want your new patch of soil to be, then tap to confirm.
  • [15] Delete/Sell tool: Click on a zombie, item, or patch of soil that you want to delete or sell.
  • [16] Zombies: Enter the Zombie Stats screen.
  • [17] Storage: Enter your Storage.
  • [18] Market: Will pop up the Market window.

Farming Actions[19]EditEdit

  • Plowing: Before planting, you have to plow.
  • Planting: You can plant either plants or zombies.
  • Harvesting: When your crops are ripen you can harvest them.
  • Wilting: It a crop stays too long in the ground, it will wilt.
  • Fertilizing: Garden type zombies can fertilize your crops, this means double income when harvesting.

Read more about farming actions.


The Market is where you as a farmer buy everything in the game.


  • Plants - This is one of the main sources of income in Zombie Farm.
  • Zombies - These little guys will fight for you and fertilize your Plants.


  • New - This tab will show you only the latest seasonal items (added in Version 0.87)
  • Functional Items - These items are the nearly required items up for purchase in Zombie Farm.
  • Decors - These items are here to make your farm look much better!
  • Trees - Trees make any farm look better!


  • Mutations - Mutations provide additional stat bonuses.
  • Farm Size - The larger the farm the more plots you can have, therefore more profit!
  • Ground - Only buyable with Brains, these allow your ground to look different.



Early Unlock[21]EditEdit

Version 0.86 added the ability to unlock some Market items with Brains earlier than the item's level requirement. Every +1 higher level costs 1 Brain. (For example; when you're at level 10, a level 12 item's unlocking will cost 2, a lv 16 item's unlocking will cost 6 Brains) Zombies and Functional Items (except Storage and Clay Monolith) cannot be unlocked early.

Life Force[22]EditEdit

[23]Your zombies can't be brought to life by will alone. No, you need Life Force. Life Force is essentially a measure about how much "life" or vitality your farm has. Trees are an excellent source of Life Source, although many Decor can also supply it as well. Life Force is displayed as an integer at the top of the screen next to the leaf icon, and also on every item (e.g., "+7 life force")

Life Force does not affect plants, it is what drives in harvesting and mutating zombies. The success of both processes is majorly affected by how much Life Force you have; with low life force, you are apt to have many lifeless zombies (a zombie that is lost because of a lack of Life Force) and are very unlikely to get successful mutations. You also need a certain amount of Life Force to be able to use abilities in battle.

Best Life Force value items[24]EditEdit


[26]Level Up!Levels are a show of how advanced your farmer is.

  • for every field you plow and crop you plant, you get XP
  • buy items to get XP, expensive items can give you many hundreds of XP
  • do some quests to gain additional XP

If you get enough XP, you reach the next level. Leveling up lets you buy better things in the market and opens up new challenges like new enemies.

To see what the XP required for a level is or to see what each new level allows you to do, check out the Levels page.

Fastest ways to gain XP[27]EditEdit

  • Plant fast plants or zombies, if you are short in money
  • Buy seasonal items, they give you 1 XP/50 Gold
  • In the current version, every other item gives you 1 XP/100 Gold, so there's no best item to choose.
  • For more XP you can Plow soil: 1 XP/10 Gold, then delete that soil patch. (But you won't get anything except for XP)

Time & Weather[28]EditEdit

Time is what Zombie Farm is based on. Time is what you wait on for your plants and zombies to grow, time is what designates the scenes of Rain or Snow, Day, and Night.

  • "Raaaaaaaain...It's every zombie's favorite weather!"

The message plays on the how close the word "rain" is to "brain", which explains why it is the favorite weather of zombies.

Time is one of the key elements in Zombie Farm, and is a very important part of Basic Gameplay. Time is adjusted by your iDevice's internal clock. Day begins at 5AM and ends at 9:59, Night ranges from 6PM to 4:59AM. Depending on what time it is, your zombies could be running around in the sunlight or creeping around in the dark of night. Day and Night have no effect on anything stat-wise, however, the only effect added with Day and Night is that some items now have a glow effect at night, along with your Farmer having a permanent glow effect on him/her. The Night time feature can be disabled in the Options Menu via the Main Menu.

Every new day you'll get Daily Surprise, you'll be able to send gifts or trade with Zombie Salesman .


[30]Save iconZombie Farm is designed to auto save when you leave the game, but this doesn't always work, so you can have to replant a field of crops, or even lose a whole field of crops that you already harvested.

So to be on the safe side, it's usually best to manually save by pressing the main menu button (in the top left corner) and press Save Game. This will ensure that you what you see before pressing this button is exactly what you see after you get into your farm next time.

Game Center[31]EditEdit

With Version 0.80, Game Center saving is enabled. This means that the game will automatically back-up your game online, allowing you to transfer your Farm to any iDevice with Game Center enabled. The only downside to this is that you MUST be online to save with Game Center. If you plan on going out of a wireless zone for a long period of time, go into your options menu via Main Menu/Options and then turn off Game Center otherwise you will receive MANY "Cannot connect, game was not saved" messages which can result in a game crash.

Taken from the Zombie Farm Wiki